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With over 41 years of legal experience and countless hours spent on two wheels, we know how to litigate motorcycle injury accidents. Our team includes Steve Kirby, a US Marine Corp Vet ('69-71) who will fight for your money! We have handled over 70 million dollars worth of cases for our clients.

Steve Kirby      |      Senior Partner 

Having tried and engineered numerous 7 figure and 8 figure settlements against governmental agencies, corporations, and individuals Steve knows the winning strategy for litigation and settlement. 

Motorcycle Accidents   |   Elder Abuse
Auto Accidents   
|   Serious Injury

Peggy Kirby          Partner

Peggy has tried hundreds of bench trials, served as a Temporary Judge in various South Bay courts and was on the Los Angeles, Mediation/Arbitration Panel of volunteers. Ms. Kirby is also a member of CAALA, CAOC and both the State Bar and the Central District Court in Los Angeles.

Motorcycle Accidents   |   Elder AbuseAuto Accidents   |   Serious Injury