As a motorcycle rider you have seen all the advertisements. How do you make up your mind? First of all after you phone them and talk to them find out ‘WHO’ you actually might meet with. Many times, if not all the time, the person you talk to on the phone will not be meeting with you. This should send up an immediate ‘RED FLAG”. IF THIS PERSON, who is a lawyer and talks to you on the phone is not going to see you, then ‘WHY” are you talking to that person. You want to talk to the person who actually will see you. WHO IS GOING TO MEET WITH YOU? If it is not the person you are talking to, hang up, don’t waste your time.



Next you need to know is the person you are talking to actually a “lawyer” and if so ask the following question. WHAT STATE ARE YOU LICENSED IN? Many times people advertise for cases and you call them and you are talking to someone who is not even licensed in the State your accident happened in.

After you find out who you are talking to on the phone and if they are licensed in the State you are located in, you can then ask them the following question. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU TRIED A CASE RESULTING IN A MILLION DOLLAR VERDICT? Make them tell you the case and county it was tried in and case number and then research what they said and find out if they are telling the truth. You do not want to talk to an attorney who has not tried cases to verdict recently with results over One Million Dollars. Don’t let them B.S. you on this issue. Many so called lawyers never go to trial and this is a good test.

After you have asked the above questions, you want to know what is the contract they may want you to sign. Get the contract and read it and understand it before you sign it. Do not sign any contract with any attorney unless you understand the entire contract. If the attorney you are talking to cannot fax or e-mail you the contract to read in advance then hang up on them. They want to come out and see you and get you to sign a contract without having first had the time to review it at your leisure and call them with questions.

Also determine if the attorney actually does ride. What type of bike does he own? Is your case going to be handled by the attorney you first talk to or will he farm your case out to someone else and take a percentage? Some motorcycle lawyers who advertise are not licensed in the state your accident happened in and will have to refer your case to someone in that state who is licensed. Can you really reach your lawyer 24-7 or do you get an answering service that forwards your call? Most of the internet advertisers do not ride motorcycles and simply advertise for motorcycle accidents. Get references from your friends and motorcycle clubs about who does motorcycle accidents. Compare the fees the attorneys will charge and look closely at their retainer agreements.


You also want to know if the person you are talking to even rides motorcycles. Now, as a rider you know the questions to ask to make sure you are not getting a load of B.S. If the person on the phone cannot tell you answers about their riding that convince you they are a rider, then hang up the phone. Get a lawyer that actually rides motorcycle and preferable one who can also work on a motorcycle. Do you even want to waste your time with someone who does not ride; the answer is a simple, NO.


So the simple questions to ask are:

  • Who are you?

  • Are you a lawyer?

  • Are you a licensed lawyer in my State?

  • Are you actually going to see me or are you sending someone else?

  • Will you send me your contract to read before you visit?

  • Are you a rider?

  • Do you know anything about motorcycles?

  • When was the last time you had a million dollar verdict, case number, case name, Client, courtroom and county it was tried in and check the story?

  • Do not allow any person to send someone else, you deserve to deal with the person you talk to on the phone and nobody else and if that person can’t answer the above questions to your satisfaction, hang up.



Rider Information




  • Call 911. It sounds simple, but do it. Get the police to the scene. You MAY be hurt and not know it. Make sure the police complete an accident report and get the report number.

  • Contact Kirbys Law at 1-699-9097 or at CONTACT US. We are at the other end of the telephone number 24/7 to help you when you need it.

  • Take pictures before the vehicles and bike are moved. Use your cell phone or camera. Photos don't lie, but people do.

  • Get the other driver's information and insurance company information (policy number and phone number).

  • Do not say "It was my fault" or anything similar.

  • Do not talk to the other driver about what happened. You are required to speak to the police.

  • Do not give any statements to the other person's insurance company.


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