Motorcycle Insurance-What You Need

July 13, 2017



If your insurance declarations page does not read like the below, you are not fully covered!


LIABILITY                    250,000.00/500,000.00

UM, UIM                        250,000.00/500,000.00

COLLISION                   Will pay for repairs or total loss value of bike

COMPREHENSIVE       Will pay for damages not covered by Collision


         A lot of people, in the 32 years I have done legal work, start out our conversation with the words “I am fully covered”.  However, unless you have the above limits of insurance on your motorcycle you are not even close to “fully covered”.


         Most people who drive cars only carry Liability Limits of $15,000.00/30.000.00 and that means that if they hit you on your motorcycle and you are severely injured, which is likely, you will get only $15,000.00 from their insurance company.  SO YOU MUST PROTECT YOURSELF IF  YOU RIDE A MOTORCYCLE BECAUSE THE STATE MANDATED LIMITS OF INSURANCE ARE VERY LOW.


         Look at your declarations page and pay particular attention to making sure you  have “high” limits on UM and UIM coverage.  It is cheap to buy and much cheaper than Collision or Comprehensive coverage.  What does UM and UIM do?  It protects you and your co-rider in the event that some person with the State mandated limits hits you and your co-rider and severely injures them.


         If you wait until you have an accident it is too late.  So do me a favor and get out your insurance declarations page before the riding season begins.  Call your insurance agent and tell them you want higher UIM and UM limits to protect you.  The agents do not like to sell this insurance because when the accident comes, and there is not enough insurance to pay for your injuries, you can then collect under UIM coverage.  A lot of times the other person does not have insurance and that is when you use UM coverage.


         UM means “uninsured motorist”.  UIM means underinsured motorist.  This insurance is vital to a motorcycle rider and protects them in case of the all too frequent accident.  So don’t be one those people that “think” they are fully covered.  Be one that is fully coverd.


Collision insurance will pay for either repairs for your motorcycle or the value of the bike if it is considered a Total Loss. If you have made modifications to your bike or have added accessories such as chrome, be sure to speak to your insurance company about these added issues.  Some insurance companys only pay for a “stock” bike and some have limits to the amount of accessories they will cover. Ask them exactly what is covered so you don’t end up surprised after an accident.


If you are involved in a motorcycle accident with someone with that amount of insurance, it is almost a given that it will not be enough to pay for your injuries.  A single ambulance ride and a short stay in the ER can use up most of that money.  The ONLY way to be sure that you are protected in an accident is to protect yourself. Make sure that you have as much UM/UIM as you can afford-it will pay for your injuries and you can ride assured that you are covered when you ride.


Check your policy, make the call, ask questions and get the coverage that you need.

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