TBH- Ride to the Wall

October 6, 2017


Rolling Thunder 2006


         Let me start this out by telling you all, that this article has nothing legal in it.  It's about Veterans.


         If you have not taken part in the "Rolling Thunder" tribute to veterans in Washington D.C. I suggest that you make your plans for next year.  It takes place on Memorial Day in Washington D.C. and if you like being places where you have things in common with people that ride motorcycles, then go.


My wife on her Fatboy and me on my bagger left California to head to the Wall to pay tribute to all veterans of all wars but especially to those that gave it all.  Now my wife and I have ridden all over the U.S., Canada, and Alaska.  However, this ride had special meaning for those who have served and are serving their country.  Many State and Federal elected officials have never served in the military and have little reference except to hopefully listen to those who have.


         Especially satisfying was running into a few members of the Marine Corps Motorcycle Club at a gas station in the middle of the country.  Roadrunner and Pointy and a couple of their companions including Roadrunner's lady riding her own shared lunch with us.  They were as surprised to see us there in the middle of the country as we were them.  It only goes to show that you meet the "best" people on motorcycles.


         I must say I saw no politicians walking among the bikers in D.C. and it was noticeable for their lack but who needs the likes of these people spoiling a good thing. 


         If you have not paid tribute to those who gave all and those missing in action and those POWs that are still and may never be accounted for, I hope you visit what the politicians have allowed as tributes on the capitol grounds.  You should not only the visit the memorials for veterans but you should make a commitment to contribute to the "Rolling Thunder" organization and or any other organization that "helps" veterans.  Visit you local V.A. hospital and take a minute to thank those who gave.


         It was with pride to see all the various groups as they traveled from across all parts of the country arriving in one location for an event no one could criticize or complain about as being "another biker event".  I saw no cops giving loud pipe tickets as has recently been the fad in some Southern California areas.


         The vast majority of the citizens of the United States never have a military experience and never understand that it is not the wealthy who end up being grunts, with rare exceptions.  In fact the vast majority of Americans never really appreciate what it means to serve your country's military.  Unfortunately, the intellectual elite that populate the professorships at Universities and control the liberal press and media not only distort military experiences to sell their media but also preach that the military is generally wrong, period.  They will never understand that the freedom they have to spill their rhetoric, comes from the blood spilled by America's young.  It is nonsense to talk to them because like that woman, whose name never deserves mentioning, they harbor the enemy through their rhetoric.


         So take a minute and honor those that gave their all, who are still missing in action, and to those POWs that are unaccounted for.  In fact do it every day you wake up, because they are the reason you have safety and freedom.


For more information on Rolling Thunder, visit them on the web at www.rollingthunder1.com

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